My first detector

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My first detector

Post by batz52 »

Just got myself a Viking V6 as my first detector, ive got some permissions already. And taking part in a dig in 2 weeks time on a Roman villa site hope to be able to test it out on the spoil heaps. Any tips on general use of the the V6?

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Re: My first detector

Post by Scotty68 »

No idea about the V6,but good luck anyway,Happy Hunting
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Re: My first detector

Post by ray77 »

Hi Batz52,
My first detector was the V5 and I had a lot of good finds with that. The main difference between the V5 and V6 is that the V6 has a discrimination control, keep this as low as possible. On the dig they will want you to turn it all the way down anyway as they will want the iron finds as well.
Suggest you do a test bed to see how it reacts to different targets at different depths. I would use a full range of modern coins, silver and gold rings, and as much different junk as you can find.
When you get on the fields take it slow and easy, so often in the past I have seen new detectorists get on a field and dash about all over the place. After an hour or so they are compleatly cream crackered have found nothing and give up.
Hope that helps, good hunting.


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