Viking V6 Advice Please

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Viking V6 Advice Please

Post by batz52 »

Hi Folks Ive had my detector for around a week now. i fully understand the V6 is a limited machine.
But could somebody advise me on the threshold settings in the manual it says to turn on the machine and turn the tuning control clockwise until a faint
sound is heard (Maximum sensitivity on any metal detector of this type is achieved when the sound is just audible).
I am doing this but im worried if there is always a faint sound does that mean i will miss any faint signals.
and i guess this excercise need to be repeated each time i use the detector?

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Re: Viking V6 Advice Please

Post by craghopper »

Hi batz just turn on hold down red button and adjust to faint hum ,when it is just audible it will be at most sensitive ,it's best to use headphones as you can set threshold more sensitive. You will have to set each time you turn on .If you find threshold drifts on different ground just press red button it should return to original setting ,if not just turn down threshold with button held down I find adjusting is very quick ,you will hear any detectable target signal over threshold hum .Similar on wet sand the hum may be louder but target signal will come over it .
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