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ID challenge No 1 (12 - 15/06/18)

Past ID Challenges can be found in this forum.
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ID challenge No 1 (12 - 15/06/18)

Post by thefiggis »

***THIS CHALLENGE HAS NOW CLOSED*** (Due to a glitch, this challenge thread produces unwanted email notifications every time a reply is made and so has had to be locked. Therefore please don't submit any further ID challenge forms as we won't be including them here. However, the problem has been solved and future challenges will remain open.

Bear in mind that previous responses have been included here so if you're having a go then don't scroll down below this first post!)

This is an occasional series of threads designed to get an ID on an item, but with a difference. Here, you will have the opportunity to offer your opinion but you won't be influenced by other views as you won't be able to see them. The thread will be locked and you will have three days to submit your ID by using the ID Challenge form (link below). At the end of the allotted time the responses will be collated and put into a now re-opened thread for discussion.

The reason for the challenge format is to give everybody a chance to do their own research and come up with an idea without outside influence, the need to get in first, or indeed feeling that there's no need to offer an ID because someone else has already done it. Everyone is on an equal footing.

While we do of course learn from other people (and long may that continue) and the ID section will continue to run as normal,there's nothing like your own research to give a better, fuller understanding and this series should help us all with that.

So, we hope you'll enjoy the ID Challenge and that you get a lot out of it.

Challenge No.1
Start: Tues 12-06-18
Thread opens for discussion: after 5.00pm on Friday 15-06-18

Object is a hammered silver coin. Scale has been omitted to enable a larger image of the coin which measures 11mm in diameter.
IDC obverse.jpg
IDC reverse.jpg

Being the first of the challenges, this is something of a trial. Following your ideas on how long it should run, we've started with 3 days but if it's found that you'd like longer then we can adjust that. We'll see how it goes and if you have any ideas of how to enhance it then just shout.
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Essential equipment:
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Post by Allectus »

Edward I Irish Farthing - Waterford mint.
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Post by haveyoufound1yet »

Edward 1st Irish Farthing Waterford mint. spink 6268 (Scottish & Irish book)

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Post by Junior »

Ed 3rd Scottish half penny

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Post by mowdie »

Edward 1 farthing dublin mint.

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Post by Buriedbytime&dust »

I'm going for Edward I Irish Farthing, Waterford mint, early issue.

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Post by fred »

Edward I hammered silver farthing. Waterford mint.
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Post by Sunray »

This coin is an Edward I Farthing

Date: 1281-1282
Mint: Waterford
Type: Early Issue - Type II

Diameter: 11mm
Weight: 0.33g

Obverse: +ERA NG LIE
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    Long-cross with three pellets in each quarter
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Post by Lowland »

Edward 1
Silver halfpenny
Waterford mint
Second issue?
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Post by Easylife »

Edward I Irish farthing - Waterford mint.
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Post by Lolly »

Edward 1st Irish hammered farthing 1281 - 1282
Waterford mint
Early issue - type 1
Obverse - ERA NG LIE
Long cross - three pellets in each quarter
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Post by busterhamer »

Edward I Irish Half penny Waterford Mint.

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Post by Ash »

Edward 1st farthing?

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Post by Spearhead »

Continental copy purporting to be an Edward 1st Waterford mint silver penny. Made after 1294.

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Post by Stillburning »

Edward I Irish halfpenny Waterford mint
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Post by CTX_Phil »

Edward I Irish halfpenny, Waterford mint 👍

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Post by Saki »

Edwrad1st Dublin Irish Groat
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Post by Saki »


Edward 1st FARTHING
Date: 1280-1284
Mint: Dublin
Type: First/Early Issue - Type I

Diameter: 10-11mm
Weight: 0.36g

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Post by erm1969 »

Edward I Irish Farthing, Waterford mint

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Post by Roughwood »

Edward 1st Irish Penny - Waterford mint
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Post by Bradrick »

Edward 1 irish farthing?
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Post by Ladybird66 »

Edward 1st Irish Farthing Waterford

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Post by saxman »

Edward I Irish farthing, Waterford mint I reckon
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Post by redwulf500 »

edward 1st irish halfpenny waterford mint

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Post by Rhumours »

Is it a coin? Lol.

Well coins are my least interesting subject simply because I know nothing at all about them. That's not true .... pretty good at spending them. So in all honesty gave this a wide birth. But then I thought the aim is to challenge yourself and it's a weak area so better have a go at least. Not sure it's totally correct but there are some good resembling parts so I'm going for

Silver Penny of Edward I, 2nd Coinage (Dublin Mint)

Found by trawling various images

Thanks for doing this guys it's good fun.
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Post by beaubrummell »

Edward 1st penny?
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Post by bazzerhut »

Edward I farthing, second coinage, Irish issue, Waterford mint.
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Post by djm666 »

Edward I Irish penny, Waterford mint.


Post by Swany »

Ha, not the best at ID'ing, but will make a guess from various posts I have viewed on this site. Edward II Irish farthing

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Post by BigDan »

Edward I Dublin mint silver penny


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