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Simplex+ tips, tricks and best settings.

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 12:11 pm
by TinDigger
So how are all you simplex owners getting on with your detectors? Things I have learned so far:
  • The most recent firmware version is V2.68 dated 1st Nov 2019. The firmware version is displayed on your LCD when you first power on the detector. You can download new firmware here, by clicking software update on the left menu halfway down page... ... -detector/
  • The wireless connection to the headphones is wifi, not bluetooth
  • The 'old' faulty coils are visually different to the newer ones. Check this thread to see which one you have... viewtopic.php?f=316&t=118415
  • Setting the sensitivity to max in field mode and shifting the freq over to F3 seems to give incredible depth with hardly any chatter
  • You can prevent 90% of the interference from many pin-pointers by using the F3 freq setting
  • The supplied charger is garbage and often causes the detector to switch on by itself, probably due to intermittent contact on the mains euro-adpater. Use a standard 5V 2A phone charger or battery bank for the win
I will add other tips and tricks from other forum members to this post as time goes by. [:)