Nokta Impact - underestimated?

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Nokta Impact - underestimated?

Post by Dave_G »

Having both Teknetics T2 SE DST and Nokta Impact I've been trying to decided which one to keep, but finding it very hard.

The T2 is a fast machine and you can cover more ground, but is slightly more noisier than Impact, although the Impact needs to be used slower its much more stable with lovely tones.

I thought it would be an easy choice and thought the T2 would be that easy choice, not so... Try as I may, just can't pick one over the other as yet. Know some will say, keep both but I really would like to reduce to one then purchase EQ as an all weather machine.

Been using DI2 , love to hear what setting people prefer for pasture and ploughed please.


Teknetics T2 SE DST // Nokta Impact Pro

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Re: Nokta Impact - underestimated?

Post by gray724 »

I used to use mainly di3 as it was the most stable but now I nearly always use vlx2. It goes deeper and is no more noisy especially if you notch out the top couple of bars. I've used deep which is very deep but often find more iron. Fantastic machine though. ::g

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