Beginner with a couple of questions

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Beginner with a couple of questions

Post by Detta68 »

Hi all, very new to this and have only been out detecting on the local beach and in my garden so far.

My first question is about the machine I use. It's a Viking V5, and appears to be good and accurate. Will I be laughed at if I turn up at an event with a detector like this? Bought it second hand as I didn't want to spend too much before I knew if I liked it.

Secondly, I'm a middle aged woman and am unsure if there are many women who go to events or go detecting in general? I'm enjoying the detecting, but not feeling too confident about all that surrounds the hobby iyswim.

I'd appreciate any feedback (or encouragement!)


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Re: Beginner with a couple of questions

Post by GeorgeMK »


People attend events with all makes/models of detectors, and there are indeed a lot of women that detect (including my wife). If you learn to use your detector well, can dig and fill holes cleanly, and start finding interesting items, your enjoyment and confidence will grow.

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Re: Beginner with a couple of questions

Post by Oxgirl36 »

Hi there are quite a few women who go to events and the % has been improving. It can be a bit of a macho hobby but I've not come across any more blatant sexism than you'd get in any other hobby. In fact a lot of female detectorists have been very successful so that has helped too.

Where in the country are you?
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Re: Beginner with a couple of questions

Post by Blackadder43 »

Your machine is perfectly capable of finding stuff as any other machine, dont be put off by folk with machines that tune into the International space station for exact GPS co-ords =))
It really isnt necessary!

Remember that when you attend a metal detecting rally, every other person there are all there for the same reason as yourself
To metal detect
Everyone there has a mutual interest
So as ice breakers go thats already been sorted
There are quite a few ladies who detect, there should be more but it is what it is

Anyways welcome to the MDF forums and we hope you enjoy your stay here
Any questions then fire away, if nothing else we can arm you with information, etiquette and some confidence that our hobby is a good one with plenty of good folk in it
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Re: Beginner with a couple of questions

Post by mrcheeky »

Most important thing is have fun mate and anything you find is a bonus . will be a good day out n you can always upgrade if you get into it even more.theres a great for sale section on here and soemtimes great bargins to be had . good luck
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Re: Beginner with a couple of questions

Post by Craigmiller »

My first detector was cheap detector I then bought a C.Scope great machine I founds lots of things don't bother about other people it's a great hobby enjoy it I have heard Viking detectors are ok enjoy yourself.

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