Weekend Wanderers/ three counties

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Re: Weekend Wanderers

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Hi Dan
I belong to WW
They have digs all over,but lately have been around Oxford,and Winchester.
It is a long way to go,but they do tend to be historically rich areas.There are some really nice finds on WW digs :)
The Anglian detecting group have 'open'digs in the Essex/Suffolk areas :)
Then you have Central searchers(they tend to have digs around Northampton)
Three counties have digs in Essex/Bedfordshire,butb you have missed joining them this year.
And of course you will know about the Rally uk digs :)

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Re: Weekend Wanderers/ three counties


Hi Dan,im in south ockendon and id be more than pleased to share the motor with you if you can get an outing sorted,cheers mate Jon

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Re: Weekend Wanderers/ three counties

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HI im Arthur I live cwite near by and wontid to join a club and have permishon to detecton

please contact me on this page happy hunting Arthur [:) [:) [:)

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