woodland soil makes my 150 crazy?

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Re: woodland soil makes my 150 crazy?

Post by db6 » Sat May 14, 2016 5:22 pm

As I have experience with Fisher F2 only I can give you 3 hints as the machine is similar:
- turn your mobile to airplane mode or leave it in a car
- check your shoes, my heavy boots have copper ferrules (noticed after a couple of weeks)
- always turn off a pinpointer

My Fisher works very well in woodlands and makes no false noise even in iron contaminated (Poland) soil.


I would add 1 more thing - avoid dew and other visible moisture, when transferred on a coil it makes live difficult.

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Re: woodland soil makes my 150 crazy?

Post by Saffron » Sat May 14, 2016 6:50 pm

peek188 wrote:My garret ace 150 behaves strange in woodlands. Apparently it beeps evry few steps. Somtimes in certain place shows for ex. coin or pull tab, i dig hole and after check that same place again (after diging) garrett shows nothing.
I doubt that coil is faulty cos on beaches or farmlands it works perfectly.

Thank You.
If "on beaches or farmlands it works perfectly", then woodland it will work perfectly so the good news is that you do not have a fault with the machine nor coil. ::g

A few possibilities, 3 main ones are -
You are catching twigs or other rubbish with the coil or cable .... more likely to happen in woods than on a beach or pasture - If you just get one beep this is probably the cause. Flatten any possible obstructions and check to see if you are still getting a signal before starting to dig.

The detector could well be finding either shotgun pellets or very small bullets / cases near the surface and as you dig you are burying them so that when you try again being so small they are out of range.

The soil has more minerals in it than other areas you detect and these are giving a false signal, by digging you are breaking up the mineralised area so the signal "dissappears". Reducing the sensitivity will solve this (but also reduce your search depth).


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