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Simple Photo Tips – Smartphone

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:50 am
by Dave8472
Hi all, this is a simple photo taking guide for smart phones. It is just for new users with no enhanced gear etc. ::g

Firstly I don’t do Youtube, so no point subscribing to my channel, this is just where I dump the odd video for random things once every few years x;

It was also done for my detecting club when I was the finds officer, so sorry about the references to additional work on the pictures that I was referring to for club nights etc.

I use a DSLR myself, but many don’t have these.

Hope it is of use to someone to take a simple no frills picture. Only thing you need to do is crop the picture down to size, lots of guides about on how to do that…

PS turn the sound up and click HD ::g

r;[ Don’t forget to add your scale next to the find l;/

Dave ):=