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Sand Scoop Best Ever

Please feel free to post topics about metal detecting sand scoops here.
MDF Auction - Metal Detecting Scoops
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Sand Scoop Best Ever

Post by shotwell »

Went to Pocklington to pick up my sand scoop the evolution type r scoop with a stainless long shaft
this to me is the ultimate in sand scoops because you can take it from me , i have had sand scoops from all over the place US mainly . this scoop is British made and would recommend to anyone.
Superior piece of kit. ::g ::g ::g

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Post by mrix »

For anyone else interested in this great Beach sand scoop, we have them listed on the MDF Auction here at one of the best prices on the net ::g

Direct listing - Evolution Type R Scoop

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Post by Kmarsh »

I'm with Ray, The 360 is the dogs danglies...
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Post by Pomz »

Also just invested in the new Type R Scoop and in addition the stainless steel D shape handle shaft.
My views on the Scoop,shaft and the package and service ect.

So I looked into scoops on forums and auctions sites and U tube lots to choose from as you might expect. Being drawn towards the Type R from Evolution for its design I set about trying to find a video to see it in action,found a couple but none with real footage of operation.

Purchase on the forums was easy and painless.
Arrived within 3 working days of placing my order and packed very well with lots of bubble wrap to keep it safe.
Opened the box and Wow , Heavy duty well made bit of kit I'm always in the frame of mind you get what you pay for,buy cheap pay twice. As I work with hand tools in my job I know about quality and this really is top quality and heavy duty I don't expect il ever wear it out in my life time, the boys at evolution should be proud as this type of craftman ship puts the Great back in to Great Britain.

Ok the operation. Used on the wet sand found the angle set for the shaft is spot on and pushed down the scoop with my foot knife and hot butter springs to mind and with its design it either scoops up any stones in the sand or push them aside. Down side was emptying the scoop as it was wet sand it wanted to stay in the scoop found I had to spin it over and give it a little kick as I was trying to operate it one handed. So I think I'll get on better with a handle half way down the shaft to hold and give it a shake.
Must give the shaft a thumbs up for strength no fear of it bending. Being use to using a small shovel did find it a bit heavy after a while and carrying it a bit clumsy ended up draging it behind me.
Overall Top Tool ::g
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