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Scoops for dry sand - What for wet sand?

Please feel free to post topics about metal detecting sand scoops here.
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Scoops for dry sand - What for wet sand?

Post by Liftman »

Hi all. New to the forum, but I have been reading all the different sections and have been impressed by the dedication many of you show to the hobby.

I will mainly be detection on sand beaches, both here in Devon, and in Tenerife where I have a home.

The beaches I will be working are fine sand in the dry areas, and then fairly standard, compacted sand in the wetter regions.

Now I can fully understand the use of a scoop for the dry areas, it just makes sense. However when you get in the wet bits, the sand isn't going to flow out of the scoop holes to reveal the find (or I don't think it will). What to people tend tu use to dig wet sand signals?


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Post by topcat »

in the wet sand you just swill it through through the water and the sand washes out and leaves the find in the scoop and you can dig faster with a scoop

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Post by fred »

I use a stainless steel spade.
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Post by mrix »

I use the Evolution 360 scoop, works very well on the dry sand and is strong enough to eat down through the hard stuff as its also a great digging tool ::g Only downside is that its on the heavy side.

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Post by Resurgam »

I used a stainless steel border spade on both wet and dry sand for over five years but have found that it aggravated my arthritis and murdered my lower back. I recently switched to a long handled stainless steel scoop and found that it is easing the stress placed on my lower back. ::g
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Post by beachman »

Hi Liftman. Which beeches do you go on in tenerife i also have a place out there never taken my detecter out with me i all so never seen any one detecting on the beeches

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Post by Liftman »

Usually on the beaches near El Médano. Playa Chica, Playa Del cabezo and Playa El Médano.

The third one is two kilometers long, so enough space!

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