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Mini report on the Evolution Type-R (with different handles)

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Mini report on the Evolution Type-R (with different handles)

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Hi All,

I've recently got back into metal detecting as I bought a pre-owned Minelab CTX 3030. I wanted to try beach detecting so I needed a decent sand scoop. Having read about sand scoops on the MDF I knew that Evolution was the make to go for but I wasn't sure about which model I needed.

I spoke to Paul at Evolution he recommended the all-rounder Evolution Type R sand scoop. So I ordered one with a lower shaft grip. It took me a few days to find a wooden handle to fit it. My wife and I went to Bournemouth and spent a few hours getting used to the CTX and the sand scoop. I found that the Evolution Type R sand scoop is excellent for dry or wet sand and it can cope with pebbles and small rocks as well. Whilst I've not used any other sand scoop I was very impressed by the Type R.

The Bournemouth trip got my wife interested in metal detecting so she bought an XP Deus. I had to get another sand scoop so I ordered a second Evolution Type R but this time with a stainless steel D handled shaft.

Wooden handle versus stainless steel D shaft
The wooden handle is longer than the D shaft – a consideration for travelling
The longer wooden handle with (lower shaft grip) is probably better for wading whist metal detecting, the D shaft is probably better for working up to the water’s edge.
I’m more used to D shaft spades and forks so the D shaft is my preferred handle.
The Evolution Type R with a D shaft weighs 2.7kg (approximately 5lb 15oz) so it’s not light.

The Evolution Type R is extremely well built. If it could be improved I would like to see a quick release handle for folding the sand scoop up. However I suspect that that may not be possible as it might weaken the whole unit.

I have not connection with the people at Evolution, I’m just a very happy user of their products.


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Hello Privateer, very glad you are happy with the Type R ::g
For anyone that is not aware We do have them for sale on out very own MDF Shops Auction below....

Direct link - Evolution Type R Scoop

There is also a very nice addition of the Stainless steel shaft with handle for the above scoop below..

Direct link - Stainless Steel Shaft with Handle

I personally own the Evolution 360 Scoop which I cannot rate highly enough for build quality ::g
Thanks for your feedback

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