Garrett AT Pro with DeTech Ultimate 13 coil

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Garrett AT Pro with DeTech Ultimate 13 coil

Post by Stanley » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:15 pm

I originally joined this forum to find out more about the DeTech Ultimate coil and whether it would be worth it for my AT pro. However, on my main new permission, which is mostly parkland, they cut the grass so I bit the bullet and bought the coil.

The standard AT Pro coil is pretty good but the DeTech Ultimate 13 is beyond anything I had hoped for. It can detect accurately down to 30cm still with VDI and the pinpointing is exact. I am over the moon with it after two months of play. Old pennies sound off as though they were only a few centrimetres deep and separation of targets is very good.

I have about 250 coins now...and my first gold ring [:)

I dig in South Wales with heavy clay soil and GB averaging 80

(I paid full price and I am not sponsored)

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