Detech Coil on Safari, Issues!

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Detech Coil on Safari, Issues!

Post by Ewan2k_uk » Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:08 pm


Im relatively new to detecting and purchased a new safari, I also bought a new 13" Detech coil the other week, given the high rating on forums etc I felt an upgrade would be great (Beginning to think I should master the standard setup first).

Im having issues with it being quite erratic, I went out yesterday and it doesn't seem to be steady with targets and all over the place. I've tried noise cancellation and playing around with the settings but im not comfortable with it at all in comparison to the stock coil which produced some good finds. A friend of mine was finding some good coins etc and on one particular target he got, mine wasn't picking it up at all!! it turned out to be a stainless bolt.

We done some detecting on the beach and a stubble field, with disappointment on both.

I've checked under the coil cover and there are no obvious cracks in the resin, I've also read posts on a fix for issues but these seem to be related to etracs rather than safari detectors, that I seen anyway.

Any advice?

In the mean time im away out to the garden to do some tests on various items and to see if I can solve my issues :(


Minelab Safari, Detech 13" Ultimate, Nokta Pointer

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