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Please post any topics related to metal detecting spades, trowels and general Digging tools here.
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Post by Bigadg »

Hi guys my trowel came without a pouch for carrying it and i would like to somehow attach it to my spade,ant one have any ideas please

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Post by Rayc »

Depends on your spade handle and trowel type. You might be able to source a suitable spring tool clip to screw onto the spade handle.
I sewed one pocket of my detecting jacket (army surplus) into two compartments. Pinpointer is kept in one, small archaeology trowel in the other. Works for me; no rattles.

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Post by Oxgirl36 »

Any pics or more info on the pouch?
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Post by sweepstick47 »

To give people a reasonable chance of producing a practical solution for your requirement, more details on the 'trowel' would be appreciated. However, I can't see any way of attaching a trowel to the shaft of a 'digger' which would not prove cumbersome and/or heavy as a usable accessory.

In the absence of specific detail, I would suggest that consideration be given to simply suspending the trowel (by hook or by crook) from your waist-belt, which in my opinion, is the ideal medium for the job. Regards and Happy New Year -=+:-P ss47

Piccy of the finished job is always appreciated, as it could help others.
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Post by DionAstro »

How about a velcro strap? Something like this... ... kwEALw_wcB

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