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Chefphones CP1 Woodland w/ Explorer SE pro

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Chefphones CP1 Woodland w/ Explorer SE pro

Post by felixferal »

Just like to thank those at chef phones for sending through my new CP1 woodlands.

I have been looking for a good set of phones for the explorer SE pro. I liked the TDK wireless phones the WR700's - good sound to them and they were wireless - unfortunately I managed to break the transmitter unit. I will either replace or repair them but I think there is a definite weak spot at the jack plug on the transmitter.

I've had a couple of sennheiser phones (1 x cheap) and (1 x mid range) although sound quality was OK the lead was just too flimsy and broke on both sets - again near the jack plug - the problem no flex in the cable and I'm a clumsy bugger who keeps standing on the wire then standing up and ripping the cable out.

So.... Just wanted to thank chef phones for the CP1's - surprisingly smaller than I thought they would be, build quality is rugged - no danger of breaking the lead even if i stand on it as there is so much flex in the coiled cable, but also not too much cable to get in your way. Now onto the sound quality - I am amazed, only been out in the garden to give them a try but it's like detecting on another world. So much more detail is heard through these phones, and also background sound is cancelled out really well. The tones have all seemed to come alive, no way I'm missing anything with these in my set up. So once again thanks to Chefphones - I can't wait to get out detecting properly again - over the last 2 x months I've been detecting without headphones!!

If anybody is thinking about getting a set - let me tell you they are well worth the money, quickly delivered too.


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Post by trappa »

I've got the woodland chefphones on my sov. Amazing quality and sound, can't recommend them enough.
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