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Dodgy headphones .WARNING.

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Dodgy headphones .WARNING.

Post by zxadi »

Brought these from ebay ,got them and tried charging though usb on computer .WARNING, it then bleW my computors power supply .result £57 to fix , unit sent back to seller with repair bill etc . basically fobed off with excuses etc . DO NOT BUY THESE ARE FAULTY . ... 1497.l2649" onclick=";return false;
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Post by Fusion »

I would say you were unlucky, USB ports are usually well-protected against overloads, short circuits, the kind of fault conditions that tend to occur with everyday use. I had a faulty USB cable, when moved a certain way, it tripped the port over-current, and put up a warning message on the screen. Restarting the machine, all was fine.
The 1/3rd of a second delay would put me off buying those 'phones, though...

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Post by yellow »

I'm going to lock this topic but allow it to remain for this reason.

eBay links and advertising are not allowed within this forum, but as you have had an issue with this particular product,I feel it only fair to "inform" our other forum members of any potential problems that may occur from purchasing such a thing.

On the flip side of this....someone buying from a site such as the one listed, should take into account the sellers feedback on this product alone....with the greatest respect, it may have been one faulty item,a possible issue with your PC/USB socket...neither of us are qualified to comment as to either.

Please make your own mind up regarding this,

Yellow [:)
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