Deeptech Vista Smart +

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Deeptech Vista Smart +

Post by Bargeman » Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:40 pm

I happened to be passing the LP showroom today, I am lucky in that I live fifteen minutes up the road, so I get to pass quite often, so called in to get an update on a few recent digs, and while there I thought I would take a look over the Deeptech Vista Smart+. Now this is not a full in the field review, although I shall add a decent video at the end. But more a look at a machine in the showroom.

The first thing you notice when picking up this machine is how light it is, then you look at the control panel and notice that this is an old style analogue machine, no digital display here, just plenty of knobs to play with, including iron volume ::g

next as you hold the machine in a detecting manor, you feel a very slight wobble, from down near the coil :-O but fear not, this is an intended wobble, and is caused by a small flexible section on the lower stem, this is a built in shock absorber, for when you accidentally hit a large flint or solid bean stalk, so protecting the lower bolt of coil ears. Very clever, and well designed.
The tones appear to be somewhere between the sooty and sweep Deus, and the slightly sweeter tones of the XP GMP. This machine sits in the middle of both price, and frequency, I think it was 15khz. so will give you plenty of depth, and these machines are known for their depth.

I have to say, although I don't hold much faith by air tests alone, in the shop the Vista Smart was picking up small coins at very impressive ranges, while also completely blanking out an old rusty large nail.

All in quite an impressive machine, that really does deserve a look. and I am sure we will see a few out and about in the fields and if I didn't already have a GMP, I would consider one ::g

Well there you are, a sort of mini review, best I can do when confined to a salesroom floor :D

BM [:)
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Re: Deeptech Vista Smart +

Post by bob79 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:02 pm

Hi BM, check out Ziggy's Vista Warrior YouTube video's, looks an interesting machine.

Bob ::g

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