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MI-6 or carrot?

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MI-6 or carrot?

Post by Easylife »

As a Deus owner, having previously used a Garrett Carrot extensively for almost two years of regular use which performed excellent I thought it was the best for me. I had it set on level 3 and vibration mode only which was perfectly adequate without the unnecessary added noise pollution. But I also knew that the XP MI-6 performed equally as well so when the opportunity arose I did a straight swap just for the experience. My initial assessment of the MI-6 was that it was exactly equal in performance to the carrot as expected. Usability is very different though, having initially tried out the various modes, vibration, pitch and pulse, compared to the carrot, the MI-6 vibration was like a crude jack-hammer. I didn't care for the pulse mode either but the pitch seemed just fine. But out in the real world I found the pitch mode to be just too quiet as a stand alone pin-pointer. So I reluctantly paired the MI-6 up to sound through my WS4's which then transformed it to work no doubt exactly as it was designed to. Just using it in pure Pitch mode alone with the Deus works just perfect for me. In fact in standard settings I found the sensitivity to be far too low so am currently running it at 45 but am thinking of increasing it even higher. I set it up to suit my own personal preferences but yours may be quite different. The wireless connectivity does lag occasionally but is a very small price to pay for the privilege.
So my recommendation is that if you own a Deus get the MI-6 but if not get the Garrett carrot - you won't be disappointed with either. Of course there are other brands out there too but you generally get what you pay for! I just thought I would share this post as I am genuinely really impressed with the MI-6 and quite lovin' it!. ::g
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Post by Sunray »

I'd go with what you have said here Easylife ...

I haven't owned a Garrett Carrot but have used a friends for a day or so, I thought they are quite good pin-pointers ...

[:) I do get the occasional "squeals n squeaks" when connecting my XP MI-6 sometimes but its not really a problem.

I must say though - The waterproof cap is really tight and hard to remove sometimes when charging the pin-pointer ...


By the way mate - *Thanks very much* for your recent thread [you know the one] ::g

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Post by Steve_T »

Agree with you and mine is at 45, its a simple button press to reduce sensitivity, i have had a couple random odd moments with it but not enough to call and inherent fault, it suits me fine and was a good investment for me, i held off until the price reduced on it.

I had a Garrett probe before and was happy with that, the only reason for going to the MI-6 was the ability to hear it via the WS4's and matching the kit enhancing the setup

All the probes do what it says on the tin and i guess its down to preference on what one goes for, its difficult to outdo one above any other and anyone should feel confident with what they have, there's not many posts where people are very dissatisfied with their choice and that speaks for itself

Regards Steve
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Post by JBM »

I have both, but the MI-6 is the one that gets used since it arrived when they first came out.

These days the Excellent carrot Stick is a back-up probe just in-case myself or others need to use it.

Happy Hunting,


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Post by fred »

We are very lucky at the moment as the earlier problems with the various pinpointers mostly seem to have been addressed. For the money we pay I expect pinpointers to last for at least two or three years without any trouble. This may seem a bit of a low expectation to some people but perhaps not when you consider that it is a fairly sensitive bit of electronic kit which I use it almost daily in all sorts of weather and in various quite aggressive environments. ::g
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Post by Oxgirl36 »

I had a garrett carrot and swapped to the Mi6 purely because of the wireless headphone capability. I’ve had it for 18 months with no problems at all. I run it with my WS5s on 40 sensitivity which, at that level, I find much more sensitive than the carrot was.

The rechargeable battery charge last ages and is more reassuring to know how much charge is left versus the batteries where you can be left guessing. But its the wireless capability that I bought into and wouldn’t live without now.
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Post by Easylife »

Oxgirl36 wrote:
Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:23 am

The rechargeable battery charge last ages and is more reassuring to know how much charge is left versus the batteries where you can be left guessing.
With the carrot I used to always carry a spare battery just in case, but many a time it was others who needed it though. So one less thing to carry now.
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