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ACE 150 Review

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the Garrett brand of metal detectors.
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ACE 150 Review

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I purchased an ACE 150 several months ago and thought I'd add something here.
I am new to the hobby, so please bear in mind my knowledge is limited and not as technical as more experienced MDers.

The machine is standard and uses the stock 6.5x9 coil.

It's bright YELLOW!!! :-O But once you get past the colour, the actual design looks quite modern. The control box has a sleek shape and the "s" of the handle and shaft compliment the looks.

Build Quality:
It does feel plasticky but I expected this from a budget machine. The shafts are in 3 pieces and simply push together using spring clips. The shafts are light but very strong. I've fallen and dropped the machine whilst on steep hills and there was no damage.
The coil is the standard and came with a coil cover. Seems robust as has been hit against rocks, tree stumps and shows no damage, just the odd scratch on the cover.

(picture taken from Internet)
It is a simple machine; turn on and go. It has three modes: All-Metal, Jewellery, and Coins. In All-metal it finds a lot...Jewellery filters out iron and Coin filters out more metals. There are three audio tones, Low, Medium, Bell tone. The visual display is also so simple to see and read.
Sensitivity has just four settings. A very simple machine to use.

Beach- I have used this machine lots on the beach. Dry sand works very well. I tend to use it is Jewellery mode to eliminate the iron. I use the sensitivity on full and the deepest find was a stainless steel rice bowl lid buried over 18 inches down. I was very impressed with the depth. I did get false reading on a section of beach with black sand. I turned the sensitivity down to 3 bars and this helped.
Wet sand is okay. I've used it on wet sand and found items buried 8+ inches deep. No gold though!
The sea. I did use it in shallow sea water up to 1 foot deep.. It did give of false signals and I turned the sensitivity down and this stopped the noise, but I didn't find anything in the water.

Mountains-I mainly use on Jewellery mode with the sensitivity on full. I've done well and found a whole mix of items in the mountains.I had one unusual experience when the detector went crazy, it was ringing and making strange noises even when the coil was taken away from the ground. I had to turn the sensitivity down to 1 bar to overcome this. This has only happened once.
I also used it in the pouring rain. I wrapped a plastic bag around the control box and taped it up with electrical tape. It worked great! I was soaked but the machine kept reasonably dry.

There is no pinpointing mode, so this took a while to get used to. At first I was digging 2 foot craters, but now I can narrow the area down to a 6-8 inch circle.

I also ignore the depth indicator as this is never right.

I bought it as I thought it would be a great machine to learn on. It hasn't disappointed me. It is so simple, that you just turn it on and start detecting. It is constantly in the car, and has been battered in the few months I've had it. Due the relatively cheap price, I'm not scared to get it dirty or scratched as I might be with a £1000 machine.

I have learned a lot and it is a great friend now :D . I think it would be suited to young people as I think adults would outgrow the machine quickly. I'm thinking about upgrading to a machine I can use in the sea. Overall a really great machine and I've been impressed with it's performance.
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