ACE 250 Review

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the Garrett brand of metal detectors.
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ACE 250 Review

Post by deanothehunter » Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:37 pm

anyone thinking of buying one don,t..... =)) only kidding they are a great machine for the money £180 i believe, once you learnt what it does and played around air testing etc with different objects you,ll get to see how each target responds by sound and visual display wise, just by the tone and a quick glance at display you,ll soon have an idea of the target you just struck before digging this is,nt 100% accurate but what machine does tell you what you got b4 digging?, it was designed really for USA and their coins are different to ours but it will still find almost anything from rubbish iron to coins all metals, lead, foil pull tabs you just have to get used to each sound then you know when and when not to dig, i always use relic mode as this eliminates iron but keeps everything else and you dig all you won,t miss good finds i guarentee, yes sometimes you,ll dig a bottle cap or foil but pull tabs are pretty accurate on display and 99% of time it is one but i tried using it in other modes but because they discriminate and notch out maybe bottle caps and foil have noticed in all metal mode or relic that if you dig all you will find that eliminating caps and foil will make you lose finds :( as i have had coins modern and old jewellery all register in same catagory as foil/bottle caps so relic mode cutting out just iron you cant go wrong :) ,you can if you prefer use coin mode but found this also does cause you to miss certain other coins and gold items. i always use on or around full sensitivity, sometimes a notch or 2 under it depends on electrical interferance and ground mineralisation but you,ll get used to a good working level thats good for you and the detector, all in all if you on a budget like i was its well worth streching yourself to one of these it does go deep and sometimes as example tiny air gun pellet size objects can be found at 4 to 6" deep which is,nt bad considering, the saying goes you get what you pay for but with this detector i think you get more its a real good deal and i won,t be parting with mine anytime soon :)) Garrett machines are well built and have a selection of accessories and upgrades such as coils, box covers, won,t go far wrong with a garrett :)
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plus i forgot to mention the pinpoint facility which as it goes is,nt bad at all but on some items can be a tad offset so coin etc could be in or hanging from wall of hole you just dug but then on other items its spot on so its pretty good and even machines like minelabs at over £1000 have pinpoint accuracy probs too :)

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