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Euroace Review

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the Garrett brand of metal detectors.
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Euroace Review

Post by Sibbo213 »

Well, I've had the Euroace for two weeks so I thought it was a good idea to write a review.

The Euroace is my first ever machine and after much internet research, I thought Garratt would be the best starting point for me and I assure you I am not disappointed. It took a while to get used to but with only 9 hours spent detecting, to date I have found: a musket ball, a Roman/Medieval lead stylus, 7 George V pennies, a bent silver sixpence (poss George III) love token, two flat bronze love tokens, an intact crotal bell, a thimble, 10 buttons (some medieval/post medieval), a lead weight and more. All from my first field...

I remove the first three notches for Iron discrimination and I turn the sensitivity down three notches and it works like a dream. Beeps are crystal clear on good objects and although I've dug lots of coke, Stella bottle tops, coke cans and foil, I'm learning what to dig and what not to dig. The stylus and the silver love token were 6 inches down and the detector gave a good response and with experience, pin-pointing is becoming easy with its great pin-pointing, built-in function.

I have 3/4 of my field left to scan (and then re-scan) but at this rate my Garratt is going to find lots and lots! Here's hoping anyway!

I have nothing to compare the Euroace to, as its my first machine, but I have already found more than I had hoped... I was only out for two hours yesterday and found a bent silver, 2 bronze (undateable sadly), a crotal bell, thimble and 4 buttons... I'll post pictures later!

For £250, for a beginner, I'd wholly recommend this machine! <:-P
Garrett Euroace

Days in field: 4
Coins: George V B8, Edward VII B1, Victoria S1, William III S1, Elizabeth I S1 + 3 unknown worn bronze/copper
Artefacts: Lead Styllus, 5 musket balls, crotal bell, thimble, 1850's bullet, post-medieval bracelet


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