Cs2m review

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the CScope brand of metal detectors.
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Cs2m review

Post by Barbossa76 »

It's early days with this great old machine. But I'm lucky enough to live on a farm, and I ventured out today with this machine, and although it was mostly junk I found, (that's the fields fault) I was very impressed with this machine, so easy to use, two controls, one for sensitivity, one for discrimination,
Auto retune, no false signals the whole time I was out, and the grass was soaking, it was still raining,
So a poly bag was used till I make a cover,
Its depth on small metal was very impressive, I think a slow sweep works best, iron gives a distinctive buzz after the tone, very light to swing, especially for a older machine, no messing about with buttons or dials, just straight into searching, the discrimination works very well too, so all in all, if you see one of these, it would make a great detector for anyone's collection, and I highly recommend it ::g

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Re: Cs2m review

Post by bryan162 »

Brilliant machine I started with the original CS2m which only had 1 on/off button which doubled as the discrimination. I couldn't have picked a better machine to learn on, when purchased the instructions mentioned about the different tones :)) I spent six months learning before my ears tuned into the subtle tone changes. This got me in to good habits and I can now tune into a machine pretty quickly (it's all in the tones) I don't pay too much attention to the visual aids.
Good machine ::g

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Re: Cs2m review

Post by geoff »

I'm a bit of a c scope fan myself, my lass uses the newer cs2mx, the same as the old cs3mx in reality, it is a cracking machine, reasonable depth, very sharp,sensitive to very small targets, and two knobs.
I have a few other c scopes, all are very good machines, and a joy to use.
Etrac , AT pro & equinox 800, c scope.

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Re: Cs2m review

Post by pete m »

My first the the grey and white CS1M still got it in the garage, bung a couple of 9volt batteries in and still works after 20 odd years. :))

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