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Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the Minlabe brand of metal detectors.
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Well I've now had the Safari for just over a week now and must say I am very happy with it, seems to be built well and once you have hold of it you just seem to know it's a quality bit of kit. At first I was a bit confused with all the differant noises that this machine makes, especially in trashy areas, but sure enough as I was told you do get used to it and learn to pick out the signals. I had a six hour session with it on Monday on farmland a few finds but mainly buttons and a few odd bits and what I think is late medieval casket key, As advised I have been using it in a conductivity mode with virtually no discrimination , auto sensitivity (for now) and it has been picking up the goods at pretty good depths, and best of all NO IRON. Hit the beach today for an hour and wow! what a machine, same settings work perfectly wet or dry sand not one bit of iron dug, having said that not much else either apart from a few modern coins and a few bits of copper sheet. did also find an ear ring a pretty hideous huge thing. I got a good signal just before the wet stuff and thought here we go something decent at last but alas it was a 1976 penny looking good as new but I kid you not it was definatley 18 inches down, I scanned the hole and sides every single shovel full. Decided it was time for a bacon roll and a cuppa so nipped in the beach side cafe only to see a lady sitting at a table wearing only one ear ring, Guess who had the other, needless to say she was reunited with the other half of her pair.Just realised my so called first impressions have virtually turned into a review..........Mark

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