Viking V6 Review

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the Viking brand of metal detectors.
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Viking V6 Review

Post by PaulDC » Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:28 pm

Hi, I am a noob with regard to metal detecting but I did a bit of research before buying a detector and on my limited budget found the best detector would be a Viking V6. I managed to pick one up on e-bay that had seen very little use for £61 including the postage.
A guy called Ged Dodd has posted a lot of videos on youtube showing his days out first with a Viking V6 and then with an XP Deus, here is the first of his videos if you want to see the viking in action -
After 2 weeks with the V6 on my local beach and a trip to Woolacombe beach I managed to find just shy of £50 in coins, 1 silver earing, 1 childs silver plated copper ring, an old brass button, a fishing lure and countless hair clips, ring pulls and plenty of bits of melted pier.
The Viking V6 for the money is amazing, it doesn't have a great deal of depth, probably no more than around 4-5" on a coin on dry to damp sand but it works and thats the most important aspect of any metal detector. The battery lasts for ages and most of my trips lasted a minimum of 2 hours, my arm still in reasonable shape at the end of the session and not hanging off.
I did one field with my club with this detector and it had no trouble finding small items as well as large but it was all junk. I think on a good field there is no reason why it wouldn't perform well and if you watch some of the videos from the link I posted above you will see it is a more than capable machine. After only 2 weeks I am completely smitten with the hobby and have now moved on to a C.Scope 3MX which I will review once I have had a chance to use it.
If you want something that is not a toy and works well then buy the V6, at £94 new or around £50-60 used I honestly do think you can't go wrong.


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