Fisher CZ3D Review

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the Fisher brand of metal detectors.
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Fisher CZ3D Review

Post by Blackadder43 » Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:07 am

Hi all, my now back up machine is a Fisher CZ3D, this is a great and underrated machine so i thought i would give it a review.
Some History......This machine was developed and tested by Thomas Dankowski when he worked for Fisher, he now works for NASA.
The guy has exceptional knowledge about detecting and machines and is very meticulous when testing.

So there are "2" versions of this machine.....The first batch (serial numbers starting 1021)were better calibrated and better tuned that the later versions, and detect deeper because of this.
Luckily i have one of the originals and they are highly regarded by the American Fisher CZ clans...
This machine can detect very deep, but it does take some learning to understand what its telling you.

The Fisher CZ3D comes with an 8" spider coil as standard.
The machine is not a heavy machine.
It is a 4 tone machine.
Ground balance knob
The importance of ground balancing the Fishers correctly cannot be stressed enough.
To ground balance this machine put the "Discrimination" knob to "all metal", "Sensitivity" put to max 10, and then start raising and lowering the coil just above the ground.
Start with the "ground balance" setting at max 10 and slowly turn it down.
What you are listening to is when there is no sound between the up and down of the coil, then it is ground balanced properly.
On standard UK fields its between 5.5 and 7.5 ish (Do your own for a few times to know where your field is at)
Discrimination knob
This has 8 settings.
Auto tune (all metal) single tone setting
0 (All metal again but with 4 tones)
1 (Discrims Iron)
2 (discrims iron and foil)
3 (Discrims iron, foil, and pulltabs)
4,5,6 you realy dont want to use in UK conditions, you will lose way to many finds.
My personal recomendation is "0", but if you want to discrim Iron out then use "1"
If you Discrim foil and pulltabs aswell you will lose the Hammered coins found in the UK.
Sensitivity knob
Settings are 0 to 10
This next bit of info has come straight from the horses mouth.
The designer and tester of this machine (Thomas Dankowski) has publicaly said that a setting of 4.8 sensitivity is the correct setting for maximum depth on this machine.
You can run higher up to 10 but all you are doing is increasing the "coil footprint"
This just means that an 8" spider coil will become a possible 10" virtual coil, you are not gaining extra depth but you are including more peripheral targets in the coils footprint.
0 to 10
Self explanatory really but, at setting "5" you have normal audio.
Shallow targets will blow your ears off but deep targets will be faint.
A setting of between 5 and 10 will not affect the shallow targets but will enhance (make louder) the deeper targets.
Saltmode/enhance switch
Again pretty self explanatory, "Salt mode" to be used on the beach and enhance for field work (Enhance being the genius part of this machine, similar to "Boost")
Pinpoint button
Again self explanatory and surprisingly accurate.
This machine has an analogue meter which for the most part can be ignored as its set up for USA coinage....

In the field
My personal set up is quite simple......
Ground balance is usually around 7ish
Discrim is 0
Sensitivity is around 4.8 (From the machine designer this is the best number for max depth, any more will just increase the coils footprint size.)
Button on "Enhance"
Volume around 7

The Fishers do have a reputation as Iron finders, but as i mentioned once you have learnt what its telling you and you dont run the sensitivity at max and you have it properly ground balanced then its an excellent machine.....
I will add anything i think important as i remember it......I have gotten so used to this machine that i am almost complacent with it and have probably forgotten something realy important....

Cheers Blackadder

When you are right no one remembers; when you are wrong no one forgets


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