Bounty Hunter Quick Draw 2 Metal Detector

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the Bounty Hunter brand of metal detectors.
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Bounty Hunter Quick Draw 2 Metal Detector

Post by yellow » Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:28 pm

Hiya all,
I noticed that not a lot of posts sent about these machines so thought id give a little info after 3 months of using one,just in case anyone else tempted to buy one.
Firstly on sale now at joan allen for £249 in the sale but luckily i purchased mine of tinterweb used for just over £100 and arrived mint condition.
Takes 2 9v pp3 alkeline batteries which seem to last a fair while,ill try to judge hours but we md that much i never took notice.
Unit is good length wise as im just under 6ft with a ball popper to locate into holes for length adjustment as apposed to usual ones and find at my height i could still achieve another 2-3 inches if required(wife would love more lol =))
As some may know these are americanised machines and the probable target display isnt that good but you get a distinct low dull tone over iron and higher pitched tones for better stuff,so after using it i can now happily rely upon my ears to decide dig or not,rather than guessing if someone in the north east decided to throw away a one cent which is highly unlikely lol.
It also has depth display from 0-10 inches and up to now on beach and land seems pretty damn accurate which to me is more important than telling you what your gonna find.
Machine has 2 control knobs,one for sensitivity which for some reason i always leave at around the 2pm mark,and a discrim knob which i always leave in all metal or zero as already said i use my ears and decide to dig or not.
It has 3 press buttons,all metal/notch and auto notch.was advised to leave notch and auto notch alone as this will probably discrim against some uk coinage and always detect in all metal anyway for reasons previously described.
In use the machine like some has slight bugs,mainly giving you a high ping then when sweeping again goes to low tone ie iron,maybe due to corrosion on item and can sometimes get on your nerves when not expected and as said target id is rubbish but apart from that for what it costs id say its worth every penny.
Some reports say its better depth wise and useability that the garrett ace 250 but ive nothing to compare it with although the color isnt bright yellow which is a bonus :))
Good for land and dry sand but bounce back and false signals on wet are terrible hence my need for a dual purpose machine possibly minelab soverign or similar but have to find way more cash before financing that.

Overall a bloody good machine at starter level prices that can probably keep up with better more expensive ones,check out my cash amount in such a short time,and compared to my mate Dolph who has a cs4pi and a viking vk40,i dont seem to be doing too bad and loving my hobby which is paramount.

No idea if anyone will read this but hope its of some interest to those who are curious about these machines.

Cheers Yellow [:)

Minelab Explorer se pro
Cp3tt chef phones and a garrett pro-pointer


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