Mixed lot of detectors bought and sold online this year

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Mixed lot of detectors bought and sold online this year

Post by Recyclatronix » Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:20 pm

Ebay and metal detectors.. this year
First I bought was a Seben extreme metal detector. I bought this as I was interested to see if it was any good...Well it wasnt, it didnt seem to want to stay tuned and wasnt very deepseeking at all paid £25 sold again on ebay for £45.
2ND Bounty hunter tracker iv wanted to test one of these for a long time too not too impressed with this either although disc etc were good on it not much depth paid £58 sold for £77.50
3RD Bounty hunter fast tracker similar to tracker iv different coil and no meter or mode switch. Bought £45 sold £50 on ebay
4TH Compass Magnum 320 Paid £30 but got email cancelling the sale as seller broke it (Likely story) so never got to test this... This one is an old school wrist breaker...
5TH Viking V6 best so far in the list more to it than the bounty hunters.. in my mind. Paid £51 sold £58 ebay
Finally a Vintage C scope Cs2M must be a mark 1 as it only has one switch I can say I am really pleased with this "a real detector" a well looked after vintage machine that picks up everything metal unlike the machines I have tested which only pick up certain sized objects although this is understandable I personally enjoy using this type of detector to the above modern dumbed down detectors which invariably miss lots of goodies
Best thing about this is that this detector was financed by the profit made from selling the other detectors .. Price including postage £43..


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