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Advice needed for frustrated Norwegian amateur.

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Advice needed for frustrated Norwegian amateur.

Post by Agathos »

My wife gave me the Garrett Euro Ace as a birthday gift a few years back. Best gift ever. I haven't really had much time to use it, though, just on a nearby field, and I have enjoyed digging up plenty of modern iron junk. I am now visiting my parents' place down in South Norway and nearby their house is a farmstead where I believe there has been continuous occupation since the stone age, with nearby bronze age barrows and plenty of iron age finds not far away. This is smack in the middle of one of the most historically rich places in Norway. I asked the owners of the fields for permission to look at their fields, and they told me there have been no detectorists there before. Yay! The fields are used for grazing and I don't think they have been ploughed in many years.

Filled with mental images of discovering viking swords, borre jewelry, cold coins, rune stones, ship burials, and the Norwegian equivalent of Sutton Hoo, I eagerly set out. The first day I dug every signal and -- surprise surprise -- found plenty of modern iron junk. I would say there is a piece of iron about every two meters. I called it a day after an hour or so.

The next day I decided to try to discriminate against iron to make my journey to archaeological glory and staredom somewhat shorter. I chose the "jewelry" mode on the machine where it will not make any sound signals for iron. Now I could actually walk a fair bit without the company of constant beeping sounds. And when the machine for the first time beeped with that higher-pitched sound signalling non-ferrous metal, I could barely contain my excitement. But it was iron, again. And so was the next find, too. And the next 5-6 finds until I gave up. The signals are clearly non-ferrous, but after starting to digging there might be a mix of ferrous and non-ferrous signals, and eventually all there is is iron trash.

I noticed that the signals on the display are typically either completely to the right side of the non-ferrous area, or completely to the left side of the ferrous area, and often jumping between these two extreme positions. Very rarely do I get signals from other areas of the non-ferrous range, and when I do, and have started digging, the signals will usually change to becoming ferrous and eventually, to my disappointment, all I despondently find is a nail or piece of iron wire.

Is the machine malfunctioning? Or am I? And how can I find those viking swords in a field rich with modern day iron rubbish ?

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