False Readings

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False Readings

Post by timcgoddard » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:21 pm


This is my first post on the forum.
Has anyone encountered a problem I have been having with my Ace ?
Detecting on a stony river foreshore the detector was giving me so many
signals that it was almost impossible to use.I did try turning down the sensitivity, but then it really didn't pick up much at all after that. I put this down to lack of experience, but I had the same problem recently when detecting on a lawn. There was a lot of stones under the lawn, so might this be the problem ?



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Re: False Readings

Post by Dave The Slave » Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:06 pm

The stony river foreshore could be down to the wet sand.
Have a Garrett 400i and it does not like wet sand. Also if you knocked the coil with any stones this would give a signal.
Regarding the garden, may just be a lot of builders rubble under the lawn. Utility cables ?
Also is the coil cable nice and tight around the stem.
Hopefully others will be able to offer more suggestions and solve the problem so you can enjoy your detector. You could also try clicking on the Garrett 250 link on the blue panel to see what other members have posted about problems and if they were solved
Good Luck and welcome to the forum
Cheers ::g
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Re: False Readings

Post by Koala » Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:13 pm

By stony river foreshore are you talking about a tidal estuary ?

If so I doubt the 250 will ever be the weapon of choice.

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Re: False Readings

Post by Bootneck45RM » Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:17 pm

Hi Tim
Also have a Garrett (300i) which is not too different from yours; and mine too gets a little twitchy on wet sand but does improve when moved away. All good advice about keeping the coil wire well wrapped around the stem. If you have some velcro or even electrical tape use that to secure both top and especially the bottom first wind. Try to avoid collapsing the stem if you can as this helps to keep the wire stable. Gardens are notorious for ferrous items so aren't the best test place.
Try an area that you know is as clear as it can be and salt the area with some low denom coins at various depths and detect for those. This should give you a better idea if the garrett is functioning as it should be and might also improve you recognition of objects. Its not a finite art though and practise will improve you no end. Dont give up whatever you do! 🤓 .
Work the dry areas; both beach and land and I'm sure the 250 will start finding things for you.
Good luck
Len R.
(ps: dont forget to keep re-reading the instruction book - it really does help!)

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Re: False Readings

Post by detectorman5050 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:22 pm

I quite often used my ACE 250 on the beach with varying degrees of success. In general on dry sand it was fine, and I even used to find stuff in the shingle/muddy areas revealed by the low tide. From memory, I knocked 2 bars off the sensitivity, and put the machine in 'coin mode.'

I found with the gain at full the ACE 250 coil was very sensitive, and would beep even if you gave it a slight knock.

I remember falsing on certain parts of one particular beach (wet sand,) but overall it wasn't a huge problem.

I used to always test my ACE 250 by swinging it left and right in the air, before starting any detecting session. If it started beeping in the air, then this was a sign that something was wrong. It was normally due to the cable plug not being tight enough or bits of sand getting into the plug/socket.

I remember when I got a bit of sand into the plug, it would cause the ACE 250 to 'go crazy' with constant false beeps. Cleaning out the plug and socket with a needle fixed this.
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Re: False Readings

Post by shaggybfc » Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:21 pm

Hi Tim,
I'm fairly new to detecting and bought the Ace250 just before Christmas. So far I've had about 30 hours practice with it. I've experienced similar issues to you. this is my take on it:
* Make sure your coil lead plug is firmly inserted and the thread tightened.
* Make sure that the coil cable is securely attached to the stem - use insulation tape or velcro straps - make sure you leave enough slack to allow the coil to move freely.
* When routing the coil cable, take it to the left of the stem and around the back to start the winding around the stem. (left as if you was using the machine)
* make sure the coil is bolted tightly enough, so it does not 'knock' when waving it around. I also securely taped the stem joints for the same reason.
* Check there is no debris attached to the coil - I now use a coil protector - I've seen a marked improvement with a protector (wet grass poking through the coil seemed to confuse it)
* Make sure your mobile phone is turned onto airplane mode. I have an i-phone and it seemed to go mad when it pulled work emails.
* when turning it on, hold it in the air as far away from anything metallic to let is set. (not sure if this is a thing, but it seems to help me.
* Don't wear footwear with steel components - if unsure, run the detector over them.
* Some 'stones' can set off the detector and give a good reading - these being things like old coke / slack from fires - steam trains / power stations.
* Minerals in the sand can cause issues if wet, but I've detected on a few beached and with the sensitivity turned down 4-5 notched, usually reduces false reading, but will never eliminate them. - if you get what you think is a good reading, turn 90 degrees and sweep again, keep checking from different angles to confirm. - the shape and lay of the item will determine the signal returned. for example, a galvanised horse shoe nail returns a great signal and a double dinger,,,, but then it's a nail..
* Power cables can give false readings, whether above ground or below.
* Large iron / ferrous items buried can give what seems to be a great looking signal, only to be a set of rusty handle bars. I've noticed that the signal for these items tend to jump around a bit. from lowest iron, up to 10c and back down anywhere in-between.

I hope this helps.
I'm keeping a log of what signals I get for different items, so hopefully I can share this data with you - to help you on your way.

good luck, happy detecting
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Re: False Readings

Post by timcgoddard » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:58 pm

Thank you all for your helpful advice. Much appreciated.
I will try all of the tips and I certainly wont be giving up.



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