11" Coil Broken lugs

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Re: 11" Coil Broken lugs

Post by Bors » Sat May 18, 2019 8:47 am

T-800 wrote:
Sat May 18, 2019 8:43 am
To prevent this from happening again, I'm going to make a reinforcement piece in ABS plastic.
Sounds a good Idea BUT be careful you don`t invalidate the warranty by doing that. I`d check with the Dealer you bought it from first as to whether it would or wouldn`t just to be sure.

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Re: 11" Coil Broken lugs

Post by T-800 » Sat May 18, 2019 9:25 am

Hi Bors, you 'r right. But
I will not modify anything on the coil ( no glue...) but the part will hang on the base of the coil and the ribs, with of course the fixation lugs in which the original screw goes. I saw that a guy proposes a file for 3d printing on the net, I will be inspired by this piece.

This will reduce the stresses on the legs during the swinging motion,
if anything happens the coil is like the origin

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Re: 11" Coil Broken lugs

Post by Badger1935 » Sat May 18, 2019 9:10 pm

Re my previous reply,do not do any mod to the lugs that requires any glueing/fixing in any way or your warranty will be void.After all the warranty is 3 years even with a new owner,

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