13" Coil on V5.2 Performance ??

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13" Coil on V5.2 Performance ??

Post by Moobang »

Hi All. Hopefully I will be heading out this weekend with my new 13" coil running on version 5.2.

I have always had good success with the 11" coil on Version 4.1 .

Has anyone else upgraded and how have you found it ??

I am usually using the FAST programme with a slight tweek !

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Re: 13" Coil on V5.2 Performance ??

Post by PinkFloyd »

Can only give my views on the 13” coil ,
And ...it’s bigger than 11” so you will cover a bit more ground with each swing .
And that’s it.
It’s so uncomfortable to use so dont be surprised if your back on 11” within a month .

I used one every day for a week ...then sold it .

Very best of luck with yours though ::g

king of the swingers
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Re: 13" Coil on V5.2 Performance ??

Post by king of the swingers »

i loved it used it for years no problems. i also ran the most recent firmware ::g

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Re: 13" Coil on V5.2 Performance ??

Post by Oxgirl36 »

The latest v5 is superb ::g
Carpe vinum

XP Deus !!£$ I use the HOT programme on 17khz, reactivity at 2.5 on v5.21 with the X35 11” coil

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Re: 13" Coil on V5.2 Performance ??

Post by Sunray »

Hey Mate ...

I have the 13" x 11" x35 and the 11" standard black coil ...

I search mainly pasture which hasn't seen a plow in ten years or so ...

B-) Both coils are great and give good ground coverage ...

The 13" x35 can be a bit chattery when its very wet under foot but other than that there doesn't seem to be any other downsides. I do like having the choice of the additional high [27.7kh] and low [3.7 to 4.4kh plus boost] frequency facilities and find the battery life to be very good even when used with TX 3 and 3.7kh plus boost.

Although its a little heavier and a small difference in balance I don't have a problem using it during a full day in the field.

The 11" is a better balanced coil and I tend to be more accurate with my swing/search patten as it slows me down nicely. I couldn't swear to it but at times I think it finds a little extra depth, but only very minimal.

Good luck and have fun ... ::g

PS I agree with u;@ OG - Ver 5 is great ::g

Hauptmann aD
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Re: 13" Coil on V5.2 Performance ??

Post by Hauptmann aD »

I tend to use the large coil mainly during archaeological digs to get the 2cm more depth or a signal at all, if the other coils are silent.
For permanent swinging i.e. on the beach I prefer the lighter coils, but sometimes I consider also the big coil. (Reduces search time due to poor condition of the swinging arm a little bit, especially if there is no much digging inbetween.)
Most nasty are wet days on a field, where the mud tends to stick on the coil. Here definitively smaller is better.
About ground coverage - it's true, that you have more ground coverage. But it's questionable, if it is so much more, since you tend to swing slower with the larger, heavier coil.

Best greetings from Germany

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staters quo
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Re: 13" Coil on V5.2 Performance ??

Post by staters quo »

I run the 13" X35 all the time, only returning to the 9" when the stubble is high. I've had great results with it using the Ultimate program for everything from cultivated to pasture - with tweaks according to conditions. Reactivity makes a big difference.

I've found it to be quite picky with ground balance - you'll get a more lively machine if you get the GB right. The other thing is that it will get chattery with EMI or mineralisation on occasion, and when this happens your best bet is to go straight to the GM Power program which is still very useable but seems to calm the machine right down.

Best of luck with it, I love mine, I have a right arm like Popeye now.

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