Detecting in Cyprus

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Detecting in Cyprus

Post by Denek »

Hi All.

Probably a little off subject but not sure where to post this.
We are off to Cyprus in a few weeks and I wondered if anyone knows it it’s legal to detect on the beaches there? Seems a bit vague. I know it’s illegal to search inland there.


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Re: Detecting in Cyprus

Post by Bors »

I would think the beaches will come under the same jurisdiction as any "inland" rules. They are VERY protective of their cultural heritage. Might be worth enquiring at our GOV.UK site about holidaying in Cyprus rules.
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Re: Detecting in Cyprus

Post by Bes99 »

in northern Cyprus I asked at a police station if it was allowed and they said no.

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Re: Detecting in Cyprus

Post by sweepstick47 »

Detecting in Cyprus (Greek sector) is almost certainly still not allowed (Antiquities Laws) with serious consequences for transgressors. Although I have used a metal detector there, it was some years ago as part of an officially sanctioned archaeological dig.

I have no knowledge of the laws regarding detecting in the Turkish sector though I would expect them to be similar. As advised, it makes sense to make an official enquiry. ::g Regards ss47
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Re: Detecting in Cyprus

Post by xristos »

wants a permit from the archeology that makes it come out one month. the law is strict for up to 15 years in jail for their ancient history.The same goes for Greece

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Re: Detecting in Cyprus

Post by Denek »

Thanks guys. I have seen someone on the beach detecting and chatted to him. He said it was fine but I am doubtful.
Might ask while I am there. We go there a lot. Greek end.

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Re: Detecting in Cyprus

Post by Blueboy »

I dived there a few times & was told by our guide that if our group touched anything historic & tried to bring it up & keep it the penalties are very severe including jail so be very careful if your considering detecting.

A guy detecting on the beach dont mean anything, he may be a local known to local police that turn a blind eye but if they see a tourist I think it would be a very different outcome.

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Re: Detecting in Cyprus

Post by ratty »

Similar rule goes for crash helmets, locals don't bother but tourists get fined. 8-|

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Re: Detecting in Cyprus

Post by Copperballs1 »

My parents live in Pachna and I have regularly gone to some of the beaches in Cyprus to detect. My understanding was that you could use a metal detector on the beach if it was purely for modern coinage etc. My father actually made the enquiry for me with the heritage department but that was 10 years ago and I haven’t been out since. Surely the tourist department should be able to help. When I detected on the beaches I found loads of euros but nothing of any age and I was using a Minelab Safari then! ::g

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Re: Detecting in Cyprus

Post by ajb6864 »

Hi all,

I live and detect in Corfu and, as Xristos says, it is legal to detect on certain beaches with a licence.

You must submit an application to register your 'machine' with the appropriate department in Athens and then apply to the local Ephorate to detect on named beaches. They require the details of your licence from Athens before they will consider your application.

Your application to the Ephorate requires you to provide a list of proposed beaches and maps to support your application. If the requested beaches are deemed to be of important historical/archaeological interest you will be refused.

For this winter I requested 7 beaches and was allowed to detect on 4 of them.

The process can take up to 3 months to complete the entire process.

The penalty for detecting without a licence is up to 20 years imprisonment and, trust me, you would not want that!


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