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Case of the "Year's First Silver."

This forum is for news and views from other metal detectorist`s throughout the world.
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leslie(nova scotia)
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Case of the "Year's First Silver."

Post by leslie(nova scotia) »

Inspired by true episodes of "Spenser for Hire" and his side kick Hawk.

Case of the First Silver

A gumshoes life is not always full of fist fights, gun fights and fights with the telemarketers . The hardest and least often fights are those with his much better half and boredom. The latter won on this particular day in the Land of the Bluenose. Going to the cold case files the private dick noted with great disdain that he had not captured the first silver of the year. A voice in his mind said this is a case that can be solved.

The file was thin but not without clues. Several leads were generated which gave three venues for investigation. Quota Guru #1 was called in to cover his six as this case involved some pretty high profile individuals not including a high school principle, a parks and recreation worker as well as a dog walker for the rich and infamous. Silver was known to hang out at out of the way places but not in the public view. Publicity was shunned by this part of the underworld! On the surface many a dejected coin of the lower rank could be found above ground....their grin was unmistakable and easy to spot. Visiting a local rugrat institute proved that this dicks initial gut feeling was on the right track. Several low lifes were collared above ground but the real clue was buried!
This lead the case to a new if not bizarre direction. The schools were a dead end. The next logical step was a K9 walking park. This lead however was another alley with no exit. The P.I. was barking up the wrong tree. A tree full of pi$$ and various sizes and shapes of doggy dew. The dick was in it deep! Several more "associates" of interest were passed on to the local P.D. Future favors with the "man" were pocketed.
Not to be backed into a corner was not in the private investigators vocabulary. One outstanding lead was left. A sudden neuron flashed deep in the consciousness . Try a park. But which park? Where? Which is old enough? These questions ran through his mind. An old saying came to the P.I.'s light..."Build on what you know don't go looking for what you don't know." The fridge in the light came on. Twenty minute later and twenty more after that the case was solved.
Be stay tuned for the Bluenosers next case..."A Quota not yet Filled."
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Post by fred »

Well solved! ::g

Time to open the next one:

“It was a blonde. A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window.”

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