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UPDATED - XP Mi6 review

Only for the discussion of the XP MI-6 Pinpointer
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UPDATED - XP Mi6 review

Post by Oxgirl36 »

Ok so I've had my pinpointer for a couple of weeks now and I am getting used to it. I've read a few reviews and watched some (very unscientific) comparison tests using air checks on sensitivity. They all make it clear that the biggest benefit is the ability to listen to it through your headphones if you are a Deus owner. But what else does it offer? I previously used a Garrett pro pointer (the carrot one) so I'm basing my assessment on how it compares to that one only.

Plus points:
1. It Has a lost probe mode - even when switched off.
2. The sound signals are much clearer, than say the Garrett, at telling you how near it is to the target. You can use the Deus screen too but you don't need to look as it is really clear just from the audio. I've found this to be really, really helpful to reduce the risk of scratching the find.
3. It doesn't interfere with the coil causing feedback because it has switched it off (obviously!!). No idea if it is better or worse for non Deus users but suspect no different to other pinpointers I.e. Bad!
4. The whole thing is sensitive, not just the tip so it increases the surface area you are using when you sweep the hole. Also reduces the need to have to keep repositioning the probe to keep the tip in contact with the hole walls.
5. The holster is really, really nice quality and lets you angle it to suit your own preferences. The hook on the back is great too as no belt removal required, although you can put it through your belt or use the clip instead if you prefer. And the holster has a Velcro strip to allow you to adjust the holster fit - presumably so you can add an after market protector to it.
6. 2 year guarantee.
7. It's rechargeable. I know others are too but it saves the environment/ your pocket versus the battery versions. And it has a long life between chargers so no worries there on long digs. The battery life indicator lets you know how long is left.
1. You can't use the coil at the same time (unless you unpair it/ don't have a Deus) for those of you who like to use the coil and probe together.
2. It marks very easily. It really does need some protection if you hate your probe getting scratched.none are available yet.
3. Some people feel the button is awkward for right handed people. Personally I've not found this a problem.
4. It can be complicated if you want it to be, although you can keep it simple if you prefer.
5. Maximum sensitivity is (in my opinion) pretty much unusable as it just goes mad if you go near anything. Around 30-35 (maximum is 50) is all you need.
6. Sometimes it shrills when it switches on. And that can get very annoying as it is very loud and basically blasts your ears for a second. Do that a few times an hour and it can't be good for your hearing!!
7. There can sometimes be a short delay with the coil switching back on. I've only found this a couple of times but sure a future software upgrade will sort it. And it isn't really that bad anyway as you switch off and by the time you've slotted it into your bag/ holster the coil is going again.
8. It's expensive!!
9. If you do run out of battery in the field you are stuffed (unless you carry a recharger back up unit).

So that's my assessment so far. But I'm not as budget conscious as many other people! Only time will tell if the build quality keeps it working well after lots of use. =D>
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